Adderall Interactions

Drug Interactions

Below you will find a list of Adderall drug and substance interactions, including the effects caused from one drug to the other.

adderall interactions

Acidifying agents

(reserpine, glutamic acid HCI, ascorbic acid, guanethidine, fruit juices, etc.)

  • Lower absorption of amphetamines

Urinary acidifying agents

(sodium acid phosphate, ammonium chloride, etc.)

  • Increase urinary excretion by increasing the concentration of species of the amphetamine molecules

Adrenergic blocker

  • Hindered by amphetamines

Alkalinizing agents

  • Absorption of amphetamines may increase from gastrointestinal alkalinizing agents(sodium bicarbonate, etc.)
  • Co-administration of Adderall and alkalizing agents like antacids should be avoided.
  • Urinary excretion in amphetamines may be decreased due to urinary alkalinizing agents(acetazolamide, thiazides).


  • Effects of antidepressants may be increased from amphetamines.

MAO inhibitors

  • Amphetamine metabolism is greatly hindered by MAOI antidepressants. This can increase one’s chances of headaches, hypertensive crisis, and neurological toxic effects that can even result in fatality


  • Effects of antihistamines may be suppressed by amphetamines


  • Effects of of antihypertensives my be irritated by amphetamines


  • Effects of amphetamines are hindered by chlorpromazine due to it’s blocking of dopamine and norepinephrine. Therefore, chlorpromazine can be used to treat amphetamine poisoning


  • Intestinal absorption of ethosuximide may be slowed by amphetamines


  • Central stimulant effects of amphetamines are hindered by haloperidol

Lithium Carbonate

  • Lithium Carbonate may discourage the stimulatory and anorectic effects from amphetamines


  • Amphetamines may increase the effects of meperidine

Methenamine Therapy

  • Due to the acidifying agents found in methenaimine therapy, urinary excretion of amphetamines may be increased.


  • Effects from norepinephrine may be increased due to amphetamines


  • Absorption of phenobarbital may be slowed from amphetamines. Co-administration of phenobarbital may cause an anticonvulsant action


  • Absorption of phenytoin may be slowed from amphetamines. Co-administration of phenytoin may cause an anticonvulsant action


  • Effects Amphetamine CNS stimulation may be increased from propoxyphene. In some cases, fatal convulsions may even occur.

Veratrum alkaloids

  • Effects of veratrum alkaloids are hindered by amphetamines
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